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tv   News 6 at 6 AM  CBS  February 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> a great day if you are going to work, maybe have lunch outside, maybe we should do that here.
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the wind not nearly as strong. only getting into the 60's. then as we talk about the weekend, we finally make it back to the 70's on sunday if you are heading out and about. here's the way it looks right now, i-4, many cars hitting the roads. you'll be cranking up the heat in the car a little bit today as temperatures are chilly. we have a breeze in some spots leading to a windchill. from this vantage point, it is 48. that's what it feels like, the west wind is very light at 3 miles an hour. it is just enough that we don't have any issues with fog. not enough moisture for fog either because we have drier air working in. we are at 46 in the villages. 46 at sanford. 44 at daytona beach. lots of sun. warming us to 62 at noon. 66 by 4:00. not as windy. we'll talk about the 70's returning for the weekend. when you can expect the 80's and some rain chances. let's check on roads and head
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friday in the napleton traffic center. >> the a nice start to the day but not perfect. a road personally blocked around kissimmee. it looks like it is on coa street. it should still be passable. something to keep in mind, traveling through the area. the major interstates, all of the highways look very nice. as we peek at i-4 by obt. you can see westbound cars traveling away from you. either direction, you are doing fine. >> now back to breaking news from overnight in orange county after a car hits a hydrant on idrive. look at what it did, it left a big mess near the beachline. johnny is there live for us. johnny, things are all cleared up now but you learned the driver is facing charges. what is the latest with that messy situation? >> fhp trooper told me the
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without a suspended license without knowledge. the scene did clear but take a look at what it looked like when that whole mess was going on. the driver hit a water meter. troopers tell me this whole thing took place at 350 this morning. we know the driver was taken to the hospital. she is expected to be ok. we got word this water meter supplied water to the hotel. we got word that the water supply was not affected by this. of course, once i get new updates, i'll pass that information along to you guys on air and online online. >> new details emerging after another mass shooting in the u.s. this time it happened in kansas. we know four people are dead.
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the man believed to be the gunman has ties to florida. the tragic scene played out in the town of heston. police say after shooting two people people, the gunman started shooting high powered weapons. when it was over, three people were dead, 14 others hurt before police shot and killed the gunman. law enforcement say the shooter was cedric ford. he worked as a painter at the plant. we have libraried he was from miami. court records show he has a record in broward county for burglary and grand theft as well as charges of fleeing and eludinging police from 2010. police aren't giving a motive for this most recent violence but coworkers say they never saw any of this coming. >> he was a nice guy when i worked with him. we hung out.
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didn't seem like this kind of guy. >> we'll bring you new information as it comes in throughout our newscast. and throughout the day. now to the latest round of fairworks on the political stage in the race for the white house. >> the gop candidates battled it out on stage one more time heading into supertuesday. mark lehman is here. mark, the candidates did not waste any time going after each other. >> the sparks were flying last night. the candidates ripping each other on everything from healthcare to immigration and personal finances. with 12 states holding primaries on tuesday, it was clear they are trying to grab every vote they can. >> marco, donald, ted, john, we will not solve any of these problems by trying to destroy each other. >> michellely the five remaining candidates were cordial but then the gloves came off.
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but keep fighting, keep swinging. >> marco rubio took aim at donald trump who fired back. >> i'm the only one on the stage who has hired people. you haven't hired anybody. >> he set his sights on ted cruz for a lack of support in the senate. >> you don't have the endorsement of one republican senator. you should be ashamed. >> if you want to be liked in washington, that's not a good attribute. >> if i can't beat her, you are really going to get killed. >> in the debate the candidates were asked why they haven't released their tax returns. trump said he is being audited. cruz and rubio said they'll release theirs before the vote
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>> keeping with the politics theme, the man gop candidates want want, the president will be back in jackson. this is sure to fire debate over the stimulus package. he will visit a plant built with that money. he will speak about decisions he made during his first term to help america get out of its crisis. >> in brevard county now, a young boy is in the hospital trying to recover after a car hit him while he was riding his bike. >> firefighters say the driver who did it took off. it happened last night on alpine lane, north of state road 50 in titusville. that's where we find kirsten o'connor live. police think they may have found the driver now. >> that's what we are working to figure out this morning. the latest update is from titusville fire and rescue who say police were able to find the driver and the rar responsible for hitting the 8-year-old in the intersection behind us. when we called dispatch this
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have more details on who that driver is in presumably a few hours. let's give you a look at what crews found when they got here. it is a picture they posted of the bike the 8-year-old boy was riding when fire says he was hit around 6:00 last night. by the time the photo was snapped the driver who hit this kid was long gone. crews say the boy was conscience but was not wearing a helmet. they say he had a head injury and needed to be air lifted to arnold palmer. this happened at alpine and dallas vine avenue, blocks away from cocina elementary. some of the comments on titusville fire and rescue page where this photo was posted were concerns about the child, one asking if he was a student at the elementary school. that's one of the questions we are pressing police to answer this morning. also again, the search for that driver and the car involved in the hit and run crash.
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will be sure to update you on our website, >> we are working to learn the identity of a man killed in another crash in titusville last night. police tell news 6 that crash happened on cheney highway. officers say the victim was hit by an s.u.v. and pronounced dead at the scene. investigators have not said what led to the crash, only that an investigation is under way. >> we know two people in custody after a man is attacked and robbed outside a busy local mall. the search continues right now for two more dangerous suspects. police in altamonte springs arrested these two, tyron miller in connection to this case. they are accused of hold ago gun to the victim's head and demanding his shoes, his cell phone and his wallet. that attack happened here outside the altamonte mall. the four suspects let the victim go and took off in a stolen car. so far, detectives have not released any information about those two other suspects they
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>> we are waiting to find out when space x will try again to get a rocket off the ground from the cape. that is after a second attempt at liftoff that was scrubbed less than two minutes left in the countdown. >> you heard him, hold. space x put the mission on hold. the first attempt at launch was canceled on wednesday as space x calls an abundance of caution. so far, no new lawsuit has been announced. when it is, we'll let you know. >> hopefully the next time will be a charm. troy. i'm happy and smiling because today will be beautiful. i'll be judging that food and wine festival. the weather is going to be perfect. >> it is going to be a great event for a lot of folks to come out and see the food and see david and drinks and wine. it is going to be a great event because the weather is not going to be a problem. here's the big reason -- high pressure dominating our forecast.
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a clockwise flow around it. winds out of the northwest, bringing in dry stable air. expect a lot of sunshine. expect the winds to calm down a lot. it is 48 in orlando. 44 at daytona beach right now. the bus stop looks like this by 4:00 today. 66, wear a jacket. you'll need it most of the day even though the wind won't be a factor. coming up, we'll talk about the weekend forecast for the food and wine festival at lake eola. we are talking about some 70's returning. all that in a few minutes. first, let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the napleton traffic center. amy? >> troy, thank you so much. take a good look at your drive times which look fantastic. not a lot going on. westbound lake mary to colonial, only 15 minutes. eastbound, turnpike over to express lane, not taking much time at all this morning. elsewhere, things moving along just as smoothly as well. we'll take you outside.
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along in either direction. these are westbound cars. a couple of eastbound ones by the 408 ramp. no issues. >> that's your check on traffic. back to you. >> still ahead, it is being called the heroin hot line. >> how a drug ring was operating in plain sight. >> sea world making changes after admitting to spying on animal activists. why they say workers had to go undercover. >> a call for action in the fbi legal battle with apple.
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. >> ? florida senator bill nelson said the key to keeping the country safe from future attacks could be on that phone. >> you can draw up different scenarios.
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to have to protect our people. >> a federal judge ordered apple to help the government break into the phone of sayed farook but apple said the privacy of millions of users could be at risk. sources tell cbs news apple plans to argue that congress should decide the issue. >> the sea world worker who the country said spied on activists is back working at park right here. company reps say the spy operation was done for security purposes after sea world got what it called credible threats. this morning, park executives are vowing to stop that practice. in july, people for the ethical treatment of animals posted these pictures on their website showing that man we just circled. that man joined them during po tests. peta thought at first his name
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found his name was david pickone, a sea world employee. the ceo said we need to ensure our activities align with our core values and ethical standards. the well-being of our employees, customers and animals remain at the forefront of our business practices. sea world is not saying how many workers worked to spy pu said they are working with a security firm that louis free found. >> 11 people facing serious charges after investigators bus busted what they said was a big drug business. authorities say they sold one kilo gram of heroin a week, making 3.5 million a year. they had customers call a hotline which they frequently changed a number to to avoid being caught.
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for law or human decency and it is greed that drives them. >> deputies say those 11 arrested are now facing drug charges. one other suspect is still on the run. >> it is america's first beer spa. the owners of the hop spa say a beer soak is good for insomnia, relaxation, easing aches and pains. they say they got the idea after experiencing a beer spa in europe. for those hoping to get tipsy off the suds, the owners warn you won't get drunk by soaking in beer. >> but don't open your mouth in there either. >> i don't think that would smell nice. >> you would reek as you walk out of there. people would say, don't go to work after that. >> there is a player from this area. he kind of does something --
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>> he soaks in wine. >> maybe that helps. >> it is gross. >> seems like a waste. >> we have a lot of great storm pin photos of the great weather. it has been clear. it has been nice. we want to show you shall have these. these are one of the clear skies we had after an ugly day the day before. we did clear out. this was port orange, a beautiful shot. not a cloud in the sky. that is the reason those temperatures dropped overnight. we had to show you this, dusty rose in deland. >> that's a pomeranian? >> yes. and dusty rose's parents says she is the cutest pomeranian in all the land. we have a great shot of the moon that is waning. if you are going to lake eola, looking good this weekend. a lot of people planning to go to the food and wine festival. david will be judging. if you are heading out, maybe
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and wine festival. that should be a lot of fun. the forecast as we take you through saturday, it lasts all weekend. david, you will be there both days, right? >> saturday and sunday. >> 62 when everything starts saturday at noon. 67 the high temperature at 4:00 on saturday. and then 60 by 7:00. a fairly cool day. not as much as a breeze as we saw yesterday. that's the good news. a lot of sunshine, no rain chances. a spectacular day to get out there. a light jacket or a sweater handy. by sunday, we warm nicely, close to where we should be. the mid 70's sour average high. that's where we'll be by 4:00. at noon when everything starts, we'll see mostly sunny skies. no rain chances, looking good even through 7:00. cool enough, it is 62 at 7:00 for a light jacket or a sweater heading out on sunday. here's a look at temperatures, cool air, colder than yesterday. behind the front, 46 in the
6:21 am
49 in leesburg. 44 in daytona beach. it is 47 in melbourne. >> as we help you plan the day; there's the line graph showing a gradual warmup. 62 at noon. 66 by 4:00 with lots of sunshine. a couple of high thin clouds. not many. into tonight, a chilly night making plans, grab the jacket. we are at 51 at 10:00. by 11:00, we are at 49 degrees. sunny skies today. up to 61 in ocala. 63 in cocoa beach. 66 in orlando. tomorrow, colder. 34 in ocala. 40 in cocoa beach. 42 in orlando. flirting with the freezing mark. 66 will be the high. 74 on sunday. monday, tuesday and wednesday near 80 degrees. let's check on the roads with
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center. we should go to lake eola. >> i don't know how david lucked out judge ago food and wine festival. that sounds fantastic. we have to get through the friday morning trooif. we have a couple of issues, nothing major. we have a partial blockage over in the kissimmee area. some closures, they'll detour you around, maybe a couple of minutes if you are traveling that stretch. your highway is just fine. back at i-4 by colonial, zero issues getting through. you'll note on our drive times, 95 maintains excellent speeds. that's your check on traffic. back to you. >> i'll save you a plate. solar bears looking to play a game and fight for a good cause. >> teaming up to fight homelessness. we'll broadcast the game against kalamazoo live from the amway center.
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homelessness shows up, the solar bears are donating a dollar to the commission on homelessness. be sure to tune in and share on social media. >> a major fast food chain is announcing changes to the menu. >> why the company says they are leading the way when it comes to healthier options for you. and a controversial new business opened its doors in central florida. what the owner says he is doing to keep all of us safe. we'll be right back. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. . >>. >> good morning. 6:25. just waking up in the consumer watch, subway says it is shabing up the menu. >> they are adding chicken to their selection. the company says they will be the first major chain to make this big change. they have both made similar vows to change but the changes have yet to be put in place. the new sandwich will be available starting march 1. subway is hoping to have a fully antibiotic free menu by 20-25. >> we are staying on top of breaking news from overnight after a crash leaves a crash on a busy road. >> fireworks and name calling last night as gop candidates hit the stage once again.
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for votes head of supertuesday. >> a mass shooting in kansas leaves four people dead. you are watching news 6 getting results for flagler beach, ocoee and all of central florida, just check out this beautiful shot from daytona beach. we'll be right back. february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each. the media is going a little crazy. "sub-mageddon" with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems... enjoy all our classic footlongs
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>> breaking overnight, a mess on idrive because of this. what we learned about a crash that sent water shooting into the sky. plus -- >> we heard gun shots. people were run. >> survivors speak out after a shooting. it comes as we learn details about the gunman's ties to florida. >> a crash that sent a boy to the hospital. what investigators say they have now found and the big questions we are working to get answered by police. good morning, central florida. it is 6:30, thank you for joining us. i'm bridgett ellison. >> i'm david hall. joining us on this friday, we have troy and amy. >> it is going to be a good one. >> no big issues, no weather issues. we'll see a breeze making it feel a little cooler but not by much as we head into the afternoon.
6:31 am
>> if you are not near et, we have a beautiful shot of daytona beach, a beautiful yellow sky. we'll see plenty of sunshine. a couple of high thin clouds. a great start to the day. right now, it is 44 at daytona beach. it feels more like 42 because of the west-southwest wind at 5 miles an hour. a light wind but enough to lead to a slight windchill. it is 48 in orlando. 43 degrees in palm coast. 47 in melbourne. you can shave a couple of degrees off these temperatures because of a breeze. dry conditions, gradually getting up to 62 at noon. by 4:00, up to to 66. we don't make it out of the 60's but we make it into the 70's over the weekend and the 80's next week. when you can expect a warmup. let's check on the roads with amy in the napleton traffic center on a friday. not looking too bad so far.
6:32 am
if you are traveling around the kissimmee area, we have a partial blockage over on local roadway, by marigold. in either direction, they may close it intermittently. follow the posted detours. you'll be fine. an extra minute or two does not hurt. a live look at our camera on i-95. this is the southbound side of the roadway by 442. you can see construction pushed to the shoulder for the day. nothing still active going on. traveling on i-4 i-4, your drive times look great. >> breaking news from overnight as parts of idrive are back open after this mess. crews tell us a driver ran into a water meteorologist on the side of the road and this happened near the beachline. you can see the mess it left behind as thousands of gallons of water were shooting into the air. crews had to rush to the scene to get that geyser turned off. the driver was taken to the
6:33 am
the good news is that road is back open. >> a bizarre crash in orlando, a car rolls over several times. police say the man behind the wheel kept going. we just got in this video from the scene. the car rolled over multiple times. when it landed upright, the driver started driving off. he didn't get far. he ended up stopping several blocks away. the driver wasn't seriously hurt. no word on possible charges. >> more breaking news now, this time as we learn details about the latest mass shooting in the u.s. this time four people are dead, more than a dozen others injured in kansas. >> we have learned the suspected gunman has ties to florida. mark, what is going on with this situation? >> we learned more information on how the unfolded.
6:34 am
this is north of wichita. the gunman opened fire as he was driving to this lawn mower plant. this is where the bulk of the violence unfolded. through law enforcement, we learned the man responsible is this person. his name is cedric ford. he has close ties to the sunshine state. >> speaking from his hospital bed, a survivor describes the chaos when the gunman opened fire. >> people were saying, somebody was shooting. >> police say the man was cedric ford, a painter at the plant north of wichita. we have learned ford is from miami. >> fired a few shots outside before he went in and went into the building. >> authorities say ford killed
6:35 am
before killing himself records show he had a criminal history that include burglary and grand theft in 2004. he also was arrested twice for fleeing from police. coworkers finding it difficult to believe someone they knew could be responsible. >> investigators have ruled out terrorism in the shooting but so far, a motive hasn't been found. >> tu for the update. in election 016, the gloves come off as the candidates vying for the top job went head to head during their last prime time debate. once again, the target of most of the jabs was the party's current front runner, we are talking about donald trump. they criticized him over his immigration plan, healthcare and the push for trump to release his tax returns.
6:36 am
were arguing so much, it was hard for even the moderator to get a word in. >> donald, relax. >> i'm relaxed. don't get nervous. go ahead. >> there is nothing about you that makes anyone nervous. >> he didn't know what happened. >> i'm going to ask that my time -- >> last night's debate is the last time voters received all five republican candidates before next week's supertuesday. he's when close to 600 delegates are up for grabs. >> we are waiting to see if police may have a break in their search for a hit and run driver in brevard county. that crash sent a young boy to the hospital with serious injuries. it happened along alpine lane north of state road 50.
6:37 am
do we know how he is doing this morning? >> we are trying to get an update from police on that. at last check, dispatchers said he is recovering from arnold palmer hospital. we are able to talk to the neighbors that she heard the crash, came out to this intersection and saw a boy who she knows lives on the street down here a few houses down. she also tells us the person who hit him may also live in this neighborhood. let's give you a look at what crews found. a picture of the bike the boy was driving when titusville says he was hit at 6:00 last night. you can see it is missing a wheel there. crews say the driver who hit this kid was long gone. a neighbor said he may have come back and other neighbors may have snapped a picture of his license plate. that is something we are trying to confirm with police. this boy was not wearing a helmet and had to be air lifted
6:38 am
the latest on their facebook page is that police have tracked down that car or van and the driver. this happened a few blocks away from cohina elementary school. the neighbor i spoke with also tells me that is where this boy goes to school and presumably was just on his way back home. we'll post updates on our website,, powered by news 6. >> for a second day, there will be no construction work along the i-4 ultimate project after a worker was hit and killed on the job. right now, managers behind this project will not say when that work will resume. >> marvin franklin died when a dump truck backing up hit him on wednesday. the contractor there held a safety meeting to take a closer look at safety procedures, including those involving the way dump trucks enter and exit work sites. they say the halt in the project is necessary to make sure something like this does not happen again.
6:39 am
workers have been injured while working on this project. the construction company has described those injuries as minor. >> a controversial business is now open. the concept is half shooting range and half restaurant. for the first time news 6 got a look inside the business. right now, it is in the middle of a soft opening. critics were worried about the new business because the restaurant also serves alcohol. the owner said he put a lot of thought into the concept and insists no one who has had a drink will be allowed to shoot a gun. >> my staff has been trained to recognize ineastbound ri eb ineastbound yated people. >> he says at the end of the day it is about the experience. diners can see through to the gun range. noises from the gun cannot be heard in the restaurant area. >> in a matter of hours, crews will break grown on a brand new
6:40 am
the uso welcome center will be located in the main terminal. the welcome center is expected to be used by as many as 10,000 service members and their families each and every month. it will feature big screen tv's, an area for the kids to play video games. the new sensor is expected to open in june. stay tuned for that. >> starting off chilly again. troy bridges in the pinpoint weather center with a nice forecast. >> it is going to be a nice day to get out and about. look at this, a live view of fun spot america. no one there yet but later today, it will be a great day. grab a jacket heading out to fun spot. 48 from that vantage point with a light west wind. that's what it feels like. look at daytona beach, water temperatures chilly. air temperatures just along the
6:41 am
feels like 42 with waste-southwest wind. it could be worse. atlanta, 36. nashville at 35. we are at 48 in orlando. at the bus stop, we will be dry. we'll see sunshine. it won't be windy. we get up to 66. we'll take you into the 70's and the 80's. first, let's check on the roads with amy in the napleton traffic center. what are you pinpointing in. >> actually amy will be back in a bit. they told he that and i was focused. focused. >> new details surrounding the tornadoes that ripped through this week. >> a story you'll see only on 6, a pastor facing new allegations after losing his job amid
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
>> a pastor accused of having an affair is facing new allegations. >> a newly filed lawsuit claims the orlando baptist church has been covering up their former leader sex scandals for years. we were the first to tell you about this man's resignation from the church earlier this month.
6:45 am
lawsuit that arlene filed. she claimed she had an affair during the time he was supposed to be counseling her. now another suit recently filed claims he did the same thing with a woman he was counseling about a decade ago. miranda said orlando baptist church failed to protect her from david janning's conduct and she was left destabilize and stricken with fwilt. the lawsuit calls out several people including a church elder, a guest preacher, even her original attorney. noticeably missing was david janning himself. miranda said she wants $15,000 for the damage the church caused. >> concerns in lake county over a boil water alert. news 6 getting results after some say they weren't told they could be drinking contaminated tap water. a precautionary water alert was
6:46 am
some people got e-mail about it. others say they didn't. one resident said as soon as he found out he put tape over his water dispenser and started boiling his family's drinking water. >> once my daughter found out she went next door to the neighbors and even in the cul-de-sac. they knew nothing. they were drinking the water. >> news 6 went to the manage ft of the utilities to get answers about why customers weren't notified. he said he is looking into it. we are learning details about this tornado that left behind a path of destruction earlier this week in virginia. the national weather service confirms that twister had estimated winds of up to 165 miles an hour. the hardest hit area was virginia where one man was killed. the tornado was on the ground for 13 miles and had a width of 400 yards. the weather service confirmed
6:47 am
that one had estimated winds of 105 miles an hour. >> in the consumer watch, a big announcement comes from kohl's. kohl's recently reported a 20% drop in profits. it is unclear if any of the stores are in central florida. kohl's says it will announce the locations of the stores shutting down by the end of next month. mountain wake of these closings, kohl's says it will test out through stores in outlet locations. >> an unusual sight and it was caught on camera. >> i know who will love this story, troy bridges. here's why. somebody captured video of a goat roaming around inside that car. >> how did he get in there? >> i'll tell you, hang tight. witnesses say the goat managed to turn on the hazard lights, go to the bathroom before his owner returned. >> they like to eat. >> he says the goat she picked up was from a nearby farm and
6:48 am
into a home depot to get shopping done. >> this video has been shared more than 70,000 times. >> that's dangerous. >> i left my dog in the car and the emergency lights are flashing -- yeah. i grew up in goats, i always have to say that. >> a goat expert. >> we are talking about great weather. cool and breezy. not as windy as it was yesterday. as we take you into the weekend, we are in for a nice warmup. get ready for the 80's. all that cold air in place for a little while. here's to high pressure, the big blue h dominating the forecast. it is sending in light winds compared to yesterday out of the
6:49 am
they are just enough to bring in more dry stable air, more sunshine, more cool air in store for the afternoon today. looking ahead to the weekend this saturday for the downtown food and wine festival. it all kicks off around noon on saturday, going to lake eola for that. 62 degrees. 67 at 4:00. koolt enough for a jacket especially into the evening hours. going out sunday, it will be nice and warm. up to 74 by 4:00. after starting out at 70 at noon on sunday. a light jacket in order late in the eaching. other than that, a pretty nice day. sunshine, no rain. rain holds off until midweek next week. 48 in the villages. 44 at daytona beach. 48 right now in orlando. 47 at melbourne. as we help you plan the day with
6:50 am
notice the temperatures slowly climbing, getting to 62 at noon. lots of sunshine a few high thin clouds. certainly no rain. again, the wind is not as much of a factor. it will be chilly. grab a jacket. 10:00, 51 degrees with a slight windchill but not a lot of wind tonight. today by 4:00, up to 61 in ocala. 62 in daytona beach. 66 in melbourne. tomorrow morning, 34 in ocala. 39 in daytona beach. 40 in cocoa beach. 42 in orlando. some of our northern zones, flirting with freezing early in the morning tomorrow. be ready for that. 67 the high though. 74 on sunday, picture perfect weather. we are near 80 degrees on monday, tuesday and wednesday at 77 monday. with no rain except a slight chance on wednesday.
6:51 am
amy in the napleton traffic center. it looks like we have been unscathed so far. >> more or less. we are doing quite well objects roads. it is still early. we haven't hit rush hour yet. for the time being, most royce are absolutely in the clear. travel likes nice westbound or eastbound. we'll check in on i-4, see if we find any slowdowns. it looks like between the expressway, not a lot going on causing you extra time. we are doing just fine. this is right in that area where the expressway and i-4 meet. no problems, looking fine. that's your check on traffic. back to you. >> up next, a check of our big stories, including a big mess pr overnight on idrive. >> what firefighters say caused this, all this water making a mess out there on idrive.
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>> let's gut you up to date on the big stories. we start with johnny fernandez live at the scene of breaking news on idrive. >> reporter: bridgett, idrive was closed for a number of hours after a water main accident. now, the roads are back open. take a look at what it looked like overnight. now, both sides of the road near the beachline had to be shut down after a car slammed right into a water meter. that impact sent thousands of gallons of water shoot into the sky until water workers could get here and shut it off. we are told the driver that hit the water meter is facing charges including careless driving and driving with a suspended license without knowledge. and now to mark lehman. >> we have learned the man suspected of carrying out a
6:56 am
cbs news said cedric ford killed four people and hurt more than a dozen others. we have learned ford is from miami and has a criminal history dating back to 2004. 10 of those involved in the shooting remain in critical condition. cbs will have an update coming up at the top of the hour. >> waiting to find out if police made an arrest after a parkway was hit by a car while riding his bike last night. that victim, 8 years old had to be air lifted to orlando, arnold palmer hospital because of his injuries. firefighters say the driver who hit him initially took off from the scene. they say that driver was later tracked down. so far, fire is the only one who has confirmed that we are still waiting for the confirmation from mis. as soon as we get an update we'll post it on our website, >> a chilly start across central florida. the 40's and 50's, feeling
6:57 am
we are warming nicely, 62 at noon with sunny skies. >> a disabled vehicle, watch for the right lane blocked southbound side of the turnpike after u.s. 27. >> thank you for joining us at home. when on the go, get breaking news and weather on our website,, central florida's number one choice for local news online. >> and cbs this morning is up next. we'll be back with more at noon.
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